Invoicing in CZ with peace of mind
Invoicing as an expat is hard. živno is made specifically for expats in Czech Republic, to save them time invoicing, avoid the headache of adding exchange rates, and ensuring all the right pieces of info are on your invoices.
English-Friendly Interface
Built by an expat for expats, Živno provides a simple English interface to create invoices in Czech Republic.
Quick Setup
We keep the setup process simple. Sign up, verify your email, and enter your business number. We'll load your business information dynamically.
Duplicate Previous Invoices
Have invoices that you send each month, but don't want to recreate them? With Živno, you can easily duplicate past invoices and even make them recurring.
Accountant-Approved Invoices
Generate invoices with all the necessary information for Czech Republic regulations with ease. We take the guess-work out of what to put on your invoice to stay compliant.


Don't take it from us. Here's what our user's say about the platform.

"Starting my business in Czechia was challenging due to the complex local regulations. živno made invoicing simple and compliant, saving me time and stress."


Marketing Consultant

I was a bit overwhelmed moving to Czech Republic and starting my živnostensky list. I had never invoiced for my own business before, but živno made the whole process trivial! I especially love the currency exchange rate feature as I invoice back to the UK!


Software Engineer

Using živno has transformed the way I run my business. I used to spend so much time generating invoices. I used to have to lookup currency rates on Google, but now I simply duplicate my prior invoice and živno adds the currency rate automatically. It's a breeze!


Interior Designer
- Portugal

As a UI/UX designer, I'm impressed with živno's invoicing platform. Its sleek, user-friendly design mirrors the high standards I hold for aesthetics in my work. The clean interface and intuitiveness make invoicing a seamless, almost enjoyable task. It's clear that živno values both functionality and design, setting it apart in a space often dominated by utility over user experience.


UI/UX Designer
- Austria